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Denise Gasko, CID, is the founder and principal designer at Denise Gasko Interiors.

Denise Gasko

Denise Gasko has been transforming clients' homes and businesses in the GTA, York Region, and South Simcoe areas for over 25 years. In that time, projects have crossed every spectrum of design aesthetics. From restaurants to fine residential properties, each project is instilled with the effortless elegance that is the signature of Denise's designs.

With a consistent eye for detail and a thoughtful approach, Denise carefully integrates unique design elements into each project. The end result is exceptional - beautifully reflecting the nature of the project, the aesthetic of the home, and the personality of the client.

Our Services

We offer decorating, design, and project management services tailored to meet the distinctive needs of each client.

Our goal is to provide a certain "feel" for every room in your home. The final result is achieved by combining many decorating techniques including applying wallpaper, painting walls and other surfaces, choosing furniture and fixtures, and providing other decorations for the area such as artwork and accessories. Each space we decorate reflects your personality and taste, while giving you the luxurious home interior that you desire.
We are aware of the importance of brand conscious commercial interiors. Every project is a collaboration containing the essential elements of brand awareness, function, creativity, harmony, respect, and integrity. Your business will reap the benefits of our expertise in decor and design, and your clientelle will delight in it.


Decorating for the seasons can add warmth and spirit to your home. We create a unique and welcoming decor that radiates appeal.


We make it our top priority to customize a look for every event. We will work closely with you to conceptualize your vision and translate it into an experience your guests will always remember.


Colour is the easiest and most inexpensive way to create the mood you want and add personality and impact to any space, but it is often the most difficult choice you face when decorating. Our consulting services include assisting you in finding your colour range and zeroing in on the perfect choice given the other colour influences in the space.


Tiles, flooring, countertops, and other finishes you are considering for your home are not just important elements in your interior design. These finishes become a permanent part of your home's style and color scheme, and can also significantly impact the resale value of your home down the road. Our goal is to take all of these elements in a room and surrounding spaces and bring it all together with a cohesive colour scheme.
When it comes time to sell your home, our home staging services are just what you need to make that all important first impression with both realtors and prospective home buyers. A potential buyer makes that critical first impression in the initial seconds of viewing a listing. We will highlight the features of your home so potential buyers can see the most valuable characteristics quickly and easily.

An empty house doesn’t sell as well as a staged home. If your home is lacking decor and curb appeal we can help. Denise Gasko Interiors will source out the perfect art and accessory pieces to accent the features of your home. Sourcing of furniture pieces is also available. We have worked with many residents and top realtors in South Simcoe and York Region achieving amazing results and we can make home staging work for you.


The goal of a redesign is to infuse new life into one or multiple rooms on a limited budget. Our redesign service is the perfect solution when you need a few things for your space, but are not sure what to get, where to go, and don’t have time to shop. We can also help in choosing the right size, fabric and style of furnishings when getting new pieces, or to help you find function for existing furniture that you already own.


We want you to get optimum efficiency and visual appeal from every room in your home. Reducing clutter gives you more mental and physical space and adds balance to your life. Whether it is a cluttered room or preparing a house for sale, we will find the most suitable and creative solutions. We will evaluate your needs and create a plan of action to assist you with the tasks required to move you forward and toward your goals.


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